Abendito´s kennel


Abendito’s is a home kennel. Our Bichon Havanese and Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka dogs are  family members. They are part of our family and share the daily life with us.  I also have some breeding females and males of both breeds with breeding terms agreement and some with shared ownership with other breeders and with my friends. These breeding dogs live at my friends homes. I breed in a small scale – about one havanese litter and one russian bolonka litter per year.

We live in southern Finland, in Klaukkala, 30 minutes drive from Helsinki. I am the mother of three wonderful children: one daughter and two boys. I work fulltime as an adult teacher of leadership and management in Omnia Adult Center, Espoo.

The meaning of my kennelname Abendito’s and my goals in breeding

My kennelname Abendito’s derives from the spanish word  bendito and it means a blessing.  The purpose and the goal of my kennel is to breed dogs which will bring joy and blessing to their families.

You’ll find lots of pictures of kennel Abendito’s havanese on my  Facebook timeline and albums by the name Outi Paatola and some older photos also  by the name Abenditos havanese.  The homepage address of my kennel is http://www.abenditos.wordpress.com (Please, note the original website http://www.abenditos.fi is not in active use at the moment).

My Memberships and Studies of Breeding dogs

I am the member of  the Finnish Kennel Club and Havannalaiset ry (the association of havanese breeders and owners) and SuKoKa ry (the Finnish Dog Breeders Association) and Suomen Kääpiökoirayhdistys ry and Venäjänbolonkat ry (the Finnish Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka Club). I am the founder of the Russian Bolonka Club of Finland. For many years I also was a member of the Board of the Finnish Russian Bolonka Club and acted as a Secretary of the Club.

I have passed the breeding studies called Breeder I and Breeder II. I have also studied in the Breeder’s Academy 2010 – 2011 and got the Diploma in June 2011.

The Dog Breeder’s Academy was organized by the Finnish Dog Breeders Association /SuKoKa ry.  The Dog Breeder’s Academy gave deeper understanding in the challenges of breeding healthy, sound and right breedtype. 

About the Nature of Bichon Havanese and Russian Bolonka dogs

I want to welcome you to the wonderful world of havanese and russian bolonkas. The havanese and russian bolonkas  are both  lovable breeds.  These dogs are very social and get along well with children and other dogs.

They are your devoted and constant companions from morning to night. If you cannot deal with a 24/7 friend, a havanese or a russian bolonka may not be the right dog for you. Their nature is affectionate, adaptable, energetic, friendly, loving, cute,  cuddly and a bundle of unconditional love.

Junior Winner 2012 Christa's Jumpy Clown Ximbo with Outi Paatola

Junior Winner 2012 Christa’s Jumpy Clown Ximbo with Outi Paatola

Kasvattaja-Akatemian diplomi 2010-2011 SuKoKa ry

Kasvattaja-Akatemian diplomi 2010-2011 SuKoKa ry



6 thoughts on “Abendito´s kennel

  1. Hei! Yritin facebookissa olleeseen meiliosoitteeseen lähettää sähköpostia.. Ei onnistu…otatko yhteyttä jos pentu vielä vapaana. Terv. Sirpa Virtaanvuo

  2. Hei,
    Onko tietoa millon on syntymässä seuraava pentue? Haaveena saada oma havannankoira ensi keväänä/alkukesänä?

    Yst. Hanna


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